Moroccan Traditional Hammam ($100)
If Body Mask is added, $20.00 extra

Once changed in the locker area, the guest moves to the scrub room where we coat the body with a black soap infused with Argan oil, turmeric and saffron. After 15 minutes in the steam room with the aroma of your choice, the skin gets moist and hot. Then, we rinse and scrub throughout the body with a special glove until the skin gets rid of all its impurities and dead cells that clog its pores. After, we rinse and wash the hair and body. Amazing result, the skin becomes silky and smooth.

Heaven Royal Hammam ($215)
Deep cleanse the skin with natural black olive soap before a refreshing steam opens pores in preparation for exfoliation, then a full body and face Rassoul mask is applied, drenching your skin in rich minerals and trace elements. To conclude, this regal series a full hour massage.